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Safer Environment
Postini email filtering service filters out potential viruses as well as Spam - which includes junk mail and pornographic content.

RGV offers this service with each email address. Contact us to find out how to add it to your email address.  

RGV @ 463-4451


Parental Controls


Time Left...IOD
Important Info about the IOD accounts:

The Internet on Demand (IOD) accounts were terminated as of 9/30/03. 

If you were an IOD customer and still need service, contact us at 463-4451 to discuss your plan options.



RGV Time LeftRGV Time Left
RGV Time Left



Dial-Up Service
Dial-Up Service

RGV offers the traditional dial-up service for connecting to the Internet.  All you need is a computer with a working modem...

This service is available in Lexington, Rockbridge County, Buena Vista, Staunton and Waynesboro.

What areas do we serve?

If you live in the Rockbridge County, Raphine, Craigsville, or Staunton areas, dial-in Internet is available to you.

RGV serves the following exchanges:

Rockbridge County: 228, 258, 261, 264, 291, 319, 348, 458, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 570, 572, 784, 817

Staunton: 213, 245, 248, 255, 280, 290, 292, 294, 324, 332, 337, 414, 416, 430, 448, 457, 466, 480, 487, 490, 569, 609, 849, 851, 855, 856, 857, 993

Waynesboro: 241, 256, 285, 447, 470, 471, 485, 486, 649, 702, 836, 910, 932, 941, 942, 943, 946, 949

Raphine: 377

Craigsville: 997

What you get with your account:

Personal website space on our server (non-commercial)

Up to 5 free email addresses
   Depending on account type (minimum of 3 free email addresses)

56K-Flex compatibility 
   v.90 modem update installed

FREE Helpdesk support on email and Internet connection related issues

Accounts Available:

Unlimited Dial-Up
   Unlimited usage monthly
   5 FREE email addresses
   FREE helpdesk support for email and Internet connection related issues
   Local access numbers
   Membership to iPass Global Roaming if needed
   FREE personal web space (call to set up)

60 Hour Access
   60 hours usage monthly
   3 FREE email addresses
   FREE helpdesk support for email and Internet connection related issues
   Local access numbers
   Membership to iPass Global Roaming if needed
   FREE personal web space (call to set up)

What they are saying about Dial-up:

Analysts agree that while broadband often has been touted as the Internet's Holy Grail, a healthy chunk of the population is likely to stick with dial-up, at least for a while.

The No. 1 activity on the Internet is still e-mail, most of which is text-based and not media-rich.

People also like to read news and stories that are text-based. And so dial-up for a lot of people is just fine.

One major reason many Web users will remain with dial-up is cost.  Another major reason is location - high speed isn't always available to those in rural areas.

Estimates have been made that some 34 million U.S. households will still be using dial-up by the end of 2006.

RGV will continue to target people who are looking for value, and that's the majority of the population. RGV will continue to grow by staying with dial-up and provided the necessary service to the community.

Rockbridge Global Village, Inc.
30 Crossing Lane, Suite 206
Lexington, VA 24450

See our User Policies for full and detailed information
about guidelines for the use of RGV services.

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Want to Sign Up?
Ready to sign up for dial-in service?  We can get you connected within a matter of minutes!

Call us at 463-4451.


Need Faster Service?
For those who live in the county and DSL isn't available at that distance, you now have another option for high speed service - Satellite. RGV provides high speed Satellite service!  

Call us at 463-4451 for more info or to sign up!




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Dial-In Info
RGV Dial-In Numbers are:

463-1118 Lexington

213-2170 Staunton

932-8900  Waynesboro